Even though as a cyclist I see some recklessly driving people and really don’t like them, I still had to laugh at the end of the clip

maybe because I’m still drunk but there is nothing better to do than watching this awesome movie right now

haha, it’s very old but stumbled upon it again. so funny

came across this picture the first time on 9gag.com. so true!

came across this picture the first time on 9gag.com. so true!

HOME (English with subtitles)

Unfortunately, you can’t embed the video, so I just post the link to the video. Watched it over a year ago and a friend sent it to me a few weeks ago. Watching it again I thought of sharing it since it has many beautiful pictures in it and shows you why we should care about the planet

Ordinary Life

So right now at 2 am, I’m sitting in the youth hostel in Helsinki and can’t sleep because I have to share a room with snorers. I think snorers should be banned from dorms lol Anyway, this gives me time to write a new blog.

The reason I’m in Helsinki is to visit Matzon at Zombie Tattoo. Today we finished the chest piece and the ribs. Both look great, maybe I post a picture although I still have to decide about that…

For the rest, my life since Copenhagen mainly consists of sleeping and playing xbox. Sounds not very exciting but writing about studying isn’t either I guess. Yet how weird it sounds, I kinda look forward to starting university as it gives my life a better routine. Boring you say? It’s a mixture of routine and unexpected things that make life interesting in my opinion. If my life consisted only of unexpected things, there would be chaos.

So hopefully, the next semester will be my last and then, hello working life. Maybe at that point, I will reconsider if I still think the same about routine :D


VW uses the force

This was uploaded on to youtube on the 2nd of Feb 2011 and already has over 12 million views… can only say I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!